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Gesmer & Reynolds, P.C. — Experienced And Approachable Lawyers

The idea of choosing someone to represent you in your work injury or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim can be overwhelming. Legal burdens feel personal and can affect both you and your family. At Gesmer & Reynolds, P.C., we take a hands-on, individualized approach to working with clients. When you come to us, you can feel comfortable asking questions and confident knowing that you have a strong advocate on your side.

Attorneys Jim Gesmer and Brad Reynolds work personally with each of their clients. Your case will never be handed off to another associate lawyer or legal staff member who is unfamiliar with the details of your case. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients so we can most effectively represent their needs.

Professionalism, Honesty And Compassion

We focus our practice in the area of workers’ comp injury claims and SSDI claims because we are passionate about practicing in those areas of law and find satisfaction in helping clients overcome challenges. We recognize that being injured or dealing with a disability can be both physically and emotionally challenging, and as your legal advocates, we are here to help alleviate the stresses you are forced to deal with.

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable of the legal processes, nuances of the law and documents involved in these claims. In working with an experienced lawyer, you stand a greater chance of having your claim approved and reaching a fair outcome.

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Please contact us at 815-216-9471 to schedule your first meeting with one of our experienced lawyers. Focused on results, we are committed to providing every client with highly personalized attention. Located in Rockford, we handle cases throughout the surrounding area in Illinois.