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Falling at the same level at work can cause major injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Although people often recognize that falls are safety hazard, they tend to be too dismissive when evaluating employment circumstances for this common safety concern. Specifically, people tend to assume that the falls that lead to worker injuries involve a significant elevation.

Most people recognize that construction workers, window washers and electrical company employees are at risk of a fall that leaves them hurt. Fewer people understand the risk that comes from going about a basic job, like custodial or retail work, and falling to the same level. The reality is that anyone who falls, even if there isn’t any elevation involved, could suffer an injury that requires time away from work.

Statistically, same-level falls are a major source of job risk

Same-level falls result in serious injuries. A fall from a significant elevation could potentially prove fatal, which is one reason why people focus on them when talking about employment risks. However, a same-level fall could lead to broken bones, soft tissue injuries or even brain injuries. People could break an arm, leg, shoulder or hip when they fall. They could also hit their head and suffer a permanent traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Same-level falls can affect people in all professions and are a risk in essentially every workplace. They can potentially file a workers’ compensation claim to cover the costs of their care and to replace lost wages during their convalescence. Knowing job risks can help keep workers safer, and understanding workers’ compensation benefits might help those who get hurt on the job and ultimately require medical coverage or disability benefits.

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