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Filing a workers’ compensation claim is not blaming your employer

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

People have an assortment of different personal reasons why they dislike the idea of filing a worker’s compensation claim. Many people view themselves as self-made individuals who do not rely on others for handouts. They do not want to damage their reputation as a diligent worker or anger their co-workers.

However, Illinois workers’ compensation is not a handout. It is a crucial form of insurance that employers provide for their workers to mitigate the risk inherent in working a job. Other people may worry about filing a claim against an employer’s insurance coverage, as they may view that move as tantamount to blaming them for an incident.

Particularly when a worker knows their employer is not responsible for their injury due to some kind of direct negligence or misconduct, they might feel as though filing a claim could be inappropriate. Workers might feel more confident using the benefits that exist for their protection if they understand that a workers’ compensation claim is not the same thing as blaming their employer for their injuries.

Workers’ compensation has nothing to do with fault

Contrary to what people sometimes assume, filing an Illinois workers’ compensation claim does not equate to blaming an employer for one’s current medical condition. The Illinois workers’ compensation insurance program provides no-fault coverage. Employers may have absolutely nothing to do with the incident that caused a worker’s injury. It could be a mistake by a teammate or an act of violence by a customer that causes the incident.

The worker claiming benefits does not need to prove that their employer was in any way negligent or at fault for the incident. They also don’t need to worry about affecting how the public views their employer. A prior workers’ compensation claim typically does not have a negative impact on a company’s reputation.

Workers can request benefits by notifying their employer of their injury and communicating about their need for medical treatment or a leave of absence. Successful benefit claims reduce the strain that workers must accept due to a job-acquired medical condition. The affected worker can receive the financial support they require and reduce the hardship their family may have to endure. Overcoming an individual’s aversion to filing a workers’ compensation claim might help them make use of a system that exists for their protection.

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