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2018 US data: Transportation mishaps highest cause of work deaths

On Dec. 17, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), part of the Department of Labor, issued a news release about 2018 government data detailing aspects of on-the-job work fatalities that year. According to the agency, there were 5,250 work-related deaths in 2018 - 2% higher than in 2017.

Nature of work-related fatalities in Illinois

At our law firm, we represent clients who have lost loved ones in work-related fatalities. We fight for proper Illinois workers' compensation death benefits for eligible surviving loved ones. In rare cases, survivors may be able to file wrongful death lawsuits against employers or responsible third parties.

New report reveals most costly workplace accidents and injuries

Workplace accidents happen every year, no matter what steps people take to prevent them. After all, that is why they are called accidents. However, there are certain industries that see more accidents, and accidents that are more common than others.

Illinois drivers could face harsher penalties for striking road workers

For many motorists, road construction is an unavoidable headache; people don't like to be delayed and detoured. While construction is a temporary inconvenience, some drivers get so upset with it that they become aggressive, impatient and reckless. When this happens, the lives and safety of the road workers on the scene can be in jeopardy.

Are you allergic to work? Contact dermatitis and the workplace

Is something at work giving you a rash? You're not allergic to work, but you may be allergic to a substance that's in your workplace. Both allergic and irritant contact dermatitis cause rashes with severe itching and can damage the top layers of your skin. You may also experience burning, pain and raised blisters or bumps.

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