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How Returning To Work After An Injury Affects Your Workers’ Comp

Once all medical treatment has been rendered and you reach maximum medical improvement (known as MMI), the treating doctor will determine if you are ready to return to work with or without work restrictions. In cases where it is unclear whether an injured worker can safely perform the demands of their regular job, a functional capacity evaluation (known as a FCE) can be considered. While a return to work following recovery from a work injury is generally good news, you should be aware of how this will affect your workers’ compensation benefits.

At Gesmer & Reynolds, P.C., we help injured workers navigate the Illinois workers’ compensation system, from filing initial claims to preparing to return to work. Our goal is to help smooth the process for our clients and minimize their financial concerns during challenging times.

Can I Still Receive Benefits After Returning To Work?

If you return to work and are being paid as much as you were before your injury, you will typically stop receiving weekly workers’ compensation benefits. However, you may continue to receive some type of benefits (known as either temporary partial disability or wage differential benefits) after returning to work if you are unable to return to work full time or at the same level as you previously worked. Because your work status affects the benefits you are eligible to receive, it is important that you report your plan to return to work to your employer.

Protecting Your Rights When You Return To Work

Whether you are returning to your previous job with new limitations or starting a new job, this can be a challenging time. Our experienced, compassionate lawyers can help make sure your rights are protected as you navigate this transition. We build close relationships with our clients so we can represent their interests as circumstances change.

Discuss How Returning To Work Will Affect Your Benefits

Please call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your individual situation with one of our attorneys. You may reach our Rockford office at 815-216-9471, or you may send us an email and we will respond promptly.