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We Protect Injured School Employees

The dedicated staff that keeps our schools running – teachers, custodians, counselors – face unique challenges every day. But sometimes, those challenges turn into injuries. At Gesmer & Reynolds, P.C., our team of lawyers understands the challenges faced by school employees who suffer workplace injuries. With 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys are dedicated to providing skilled legal assistance to those in need.

We Walk With You Through The Process

From supervising rambunctious students to navigating crowded hallways, we understand the specific risks faced by school employees. We stand by our clients, offering steadfast support and skilled representation throughout the workers’ compensation legal process. We strive to secure the compensation and justice they rightfully deserve.

What Type Of Injury Did You Sustain?

School injuries can be more than bumps and bruises. We fight for comprehensive compensation for a variety of injuries, including:

  • Slip and falls: Wet floors, uneven surfaces
  • Repetitive stress injuries: From grading papers to using computer equipment
  • Assaults: Student altercations, workplace violence
  • Exposure to illness: Working in close quarters with children and germs

We’re passionate advocates standing by your side throughout the process. We translate legalese into clear communication, ensuring you understand every step. Our goal? Securing the compensation you deserve so you can focus on getting back to the job you love – educating and enriching young minds.

We’re Ready For Your Free Consultation

After an injury, it can be easy to stand by as paperwork and legalities slow your recovery. We offer free consultations to discuss your case and explore your options for compensation. Located in Rockford, we proudly serve clients throughout the surrounding area, including the Chicago suburbs and southern Wisconsin. Contact us today at 815-216-9471 or complete our online form to schedule your appointment. Let us fight for your rights and help you move forward with confidence.